How do I know if my Tooth needs to be Pulled?

does tooth need to be pulled

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It’s essential to practice good oral hygiene to protect your teeth and gums. Preventive oral care helps avoid extensive dental treatments or unexpected dental pain. However, sometimes you do everything right yet still end up with a bad tooth. While our Bay Area emergency dentists at Glen Park Dental aim to provide the most minimally invasive dental care, sometimes it is best to extract a tooth. So, whether you cracked a tooth, half of it broke off, or your tooth is throbbing, find out three instances when pulling the tooth is probably best.

You don’t have room for your wisdom teeth to fully erupt

Wisdom teeth form in the very back of your mouth by the time you are a late teen or in your early 20s. Most people do not have enough room in their mouth for their wisdom teeth to erupt, and therefore usually get them removed before they cause any problems. The dentist can keep an eye on your wisdom teeth during your routine checkups and cleanings. However, if you are well into adulthood and have pain in the back of your mouth, it could be your wisdom teeth. If there is not enough room for them to erupt, wisdom teeth may push against your molars or only partially erupt, which may lead to infections under the gums. Impacted wisdom teeth may also cause pain and discomfort the longer it is left untreated. Therefore, have a Bay Area family dentist near you examine your mouth to determine if your wisdom teeth need to be extracted.

A tooth is damaged beyond repair

Restorative dentistry can repair broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. However, if more than half of the tooth is damaged or broken, or the tooth is damaged below the gum line, it may not sustain a restoration and requires extraction. In many cases, tooth damage can be caught during routine dental exams. By taking x-rays and examining your mouth, the dentist can determine if old dental work is failing that may cause extensive damage to the tooth. However, accidents happen, and sometimes, patients suffer from tooth damage from injuries or biting on hard foods. The dentist will assess your condition and determine if your tooth has enough healthy structure to repair or may recommend an extraction.

There is extensive decay or infection

Cavities or decay occur as a result of oral bacteria eroding the dental enamel. If ignored, the decay worsens as it reaches deep inside the tooth and could lead to an infection. If this is the case, the tooth may be able to be saved with a root canal and crown. However, extensive decay that damages more than half of the tooth may need an extraction. Additionally, if decay or infection is so bad that severe periodontitis affects the stability of the tooth’s root, the tooth may have to be pulled.

Get a tooth pulled in the Bay Area

Our teeth are put through a lot from all of the chewing and biting we do daily. However, when something goes wrong like a tooth breaks or you experience severe dental pain suddenly, you’re prompted to visit an emergency dentist near you in the Bay Area for treatment. At Glen Park Dental, we aim to preserve your smile with restorative dental treatments. However, if the situation warrants an extraction, we will present that option to you. Additionally, we will gladly discuss tooth replacement options to restore your smile and confidence. To learn more or schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist, call Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500 or contact us today.