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"These people are the best. They have made me feel so welcomed, supported and heard. They are very thorough from start to finish. Like most people, I don't like dentist appointments. They work above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and at ease with your situation. They're straight with you, and they give you a clear plan and understanding of why they suggest what they suggest (but it doesn't feel like they're trying to charge you more). I *always* cry at the dentist (I had traumatic dentist surgery as a kid), and they are super empathetic. You're in great hands (literally!) with the entire family at GPD."

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Monsignor John T.

Dear Dr. Kimberlee,

As you know, I suffered from serious headaches most of my adult life and had become all too accustomed to one or two a week in recent years. So I hope you’ll forgive me for having been pretty skeptical the times you encouraged me to try the new orthotic you were finding so helpful to patients with similar complaints. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to admit that you were right and that I was wrong to be so slow in following your great advice. Since you fitted me for the high tech, neuromuscular orthotic in January, I have worn it every night and have now gone many months without a headache. Even if I ever begin to take this pain-free way of life for granted, I will never forget what you have done for me. Thanks so much.

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Chris M.

"Dr. Carlos Longa is at the top of his game. In fact, his entire team is at the top of their game. A small filling came out as I was chewing gum at 10:45 on a Tuesday morning. I called the office and Katrina asked if I could come in by noon. I could, and Dr. Longa and his assistant prepped the tooth and re-cemented the gold filling which the gum pulled out and buffed the tooth back to smoothness. I was back at my workplace by 12:30. Glen Park Dental have been taking care of my teeth for about 20 years. They're very accommodating and up to date on current techniques."

Diane's Story

From my first visit to Glen Park Dental, I knew I had found the perfect dentist for me. Dr. Dickerson Longa made me feel so comfortable and at ease, which had never been my typical feeling when going to the dentist. Her professionalism, personality and clear understanding of my issues caused me to feel very secure and confident that she was the right dentist for me. She knew what had to be done to resolve my lifelong issue with grinding and gum recession. She listened to my desire for a more beautiful smile. She took the time to explain every step of my procedure and made sure I was comfortable with it all. I was so impressed with the advanced technology they used to ensure my bite was in the right position, I could actually SEE that my muscles were comfortable! She and her assistant, Lowen, made sure I felt no pain and always made me feel I was the most important patient they had. I actually loved going to my appointments.

The end result is nothing less than magnificent. My mouth is aligned in its proper position; I no longer grind whatsoever; my teeth are absolutely beautiful, and my smile is now the first thing people comment on when they meet me. I love my teeth and wish I had found Dr. Dickerson Longa years and years ago. She has truly made such a difference in my life.

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Christina L.

"I have suffered from headaches practically my entire life, so when Dr. Dickerson asked me if I had headaches after seeing the wear and tear on my teeth from my clenching, I downplayed my history. She suggested an orthotic and all I heard was ‘mouth guard,’ which I had already tried before without success and with much annoyance and frustration. I was very hesitant to entertain the idea of yet another contraption for my mouth. I blamed headaches on stress, genetics . . . life. But when she said I was beginning to show gum recession (after already having an incredibly painful surgery to repair it a few years ago) and that the orthotic should help, I reluctantly listened. I decided it would be cheaper to get the orthotic than have another surgery, so I agreed to be fitted for one. I have now had the orthotic for about 7 months and I cannot recommend it enough. The headaches I thought I was ‘stuck with’ for the rest of my life are completely gone. The orthotic is so small and unobtrusive that I wear it every night, and it causes none of the discomforts of the many mouth guards I’d worn in the past. I wake up completely pain free, a new one for me; and even the headaches I would get throughout the day are gone, though I rarely wear the orthotic during the day. As I said, I was very skeptical that the orthotic would help; I am now a believer. It definitely worked for me."

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Jim S.

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. Dickerson and the staff at Glen Park Dental. She is a gifted dental artist and the equipment and materials she uses is first rate. She did extensive bite analysis, removed my old veneers, fitted me with natural looking temporary "teeth" and several weeks later applied the new veneers to my total satisfaction. It is an investment that will pay off every day for the rest of your smiling life!"

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Gene G.

"As always, when I visit the Clinic everyone treats me as someone special. Dr. Longa is always upbeat and empathetic; he's a great dentist... I'm a happy BART commuter and it is so convenient that the clinic is right across the street from BART and at the corner of 3 different MUNI lines! How convenient is that?"

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Jeffrey S.

"I called Glen Park Dental at 9am with a semi-emergent dental issue. I was seen at noon and given an evaluation. Dr. Dickerson worked me into her busy schedule at 3pm for an hour session. She fixed the problem and gave me the best possible outcome in terms of price and treatment. I rate her as being excellent in all respects. Highly recommended."

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"A Okay!! Very pleasant and helpful staff. The Doctors are quite personable. I always feel like family when I come for appointments.”

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Paul H.

"Dr. Tom has made my dental health better than ever. Thank you!!"


"Friendly and welcoming clinic, very professional treatment, love the results!"

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John S.

"Glen Park Dental makes it as pleasant as it is possible to make a dentist visit. The staff are all competent, professional, friendly people who take the time to explain everything, so you're not left thinking, What just happened...?

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