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Invisalign/Single Unit Veneer

This wonderful long-time patient always contemplated doing something to improve her smile. We talked about different options and she decided on Invisalign and a single veneer on her front tooth which was congenitally smaller than the other teeth. We completed everything in 5 1/2 months. I am super happy with the result and she can’t stop smiling!

Patient with Existing Veneers

This long-time patient had existing veneers, but his previous dentist didn’t address the way his teeth come together and the way it affected his face.  After discussing with him his desires, Dr. Kimberlee devised a treatment plan to rehabilitate his smile. His treatment process involved correcting his bite first with an orthotic to ensure proper bite position, doing a labial frenectomy to enable him to show more upper teeth when he smiled, and replacing his old veneers and crowns, and completing a full mouth bite rehabilitation. By restoring his bite to its healthy physiologic position, we were able to make his face appear more youthful. Our patient didn’t realize what an impact restoring his teeth would have on his whole face!

smile restoration

Smile Restoration

Our patient presented with multiple missing teeth and an extremely guarded smile. Initially, he wanted to replace his missing teeth with dental implants. He quickly decided that he wanted to go the whole nine yards and completely restore his smile. With a deep overbite and discolored teeth, we discussed solutions to restore his smile and confidence. After a thorough consultation in which he shared his smile goals, Dr. Kimberlee Dickerson devised a treatment plan focused on protecting his dental implants while taking a conservative approach to restoring his existing teeth. In the end, he opted for a full mouth rehabilitation to correct his deep bite and replace all of his missing teeth. Treatment also focused on achieving teeth that are bright, properly aligned, and evenly sized. His smile is NOT guarded anymore! We are pleased with his results, and he is beyond thrilled that he can smile with complete confidence.

Sara’s Crooked Teeth and Inflamed Gums

Sara recently moved to San Francisco to attend college. New to the city, she set a goal to meet as many new friends as possible. One thing that held her back from being as outgoing and confident as she could be, was her smile. She felt her teeth were crooked and often her gums were red from inflammation.

After hearing about her social goals, Dr. Dickerson fitted her with Invisalign, invisible braces. After several months, Sara noticed her teeth starting to straighten, and was also pleasantly surprised to find there was less inflammation in her gums. The redness was gone along with the bleeding. Sara’s teeth are no longer a burden but an asset in portraying the right image she had in mind for herself as she sets out to meet new people in the new city.

John’s Worn Teeth from Grinding

John is an outgoing, friendly person who loves socializing and having fun. He also works very hard and spends a lot of his time traveling abroad meeting with international clients. John realized he was uncomfortable with his teeth, both with sensitivity and lack of confidence in smiling.

John had severe wear on his teeth from grinding on them throughout his life. Dr. Dickerson discussed options with him and the importance of getting his bite right so he didn’t further damage his teeth. If he kept going in this direction, he would have ended up wearing his teeth down to the gums and possibly needing multiple root canals.

After restoring his bite to it’s proper and functional neuromuscular position, he no longer grinds, and has no sensitivity, smiles that great smile as much as possible!

Agnes’ Missing Teeth and Drooping Face

Agnes has had a life-long fear of dentists. The thought of sitting in a dental chair and others peering into her mouth terrified her. As a result, now at age 70, she has lost all of her lower teeth from decay and neglect. While generally a happy person, she avoids smiling as much as possible lest show the empty space in her mouth.

After discovering that she might lose the few remaining teeth, and noticing how even simple things like eating and drinking are becoming increasingly difficult, she sought help. Dr. Dickerson who immediately replaced her bridge and added two partial dentures to complete her teeth.

Agnes now smiles enthusiastically – looking and feeling great – making sure everyone sees ALL of her teeth. Eating and drinking are enjoyable again. Her new teeth are now filling up what used to be a sunken and drooped area on her face, revealing her natural beauty. Above all, Agnes has overcome her life-long fear of dentists. Now each visit to Glen Park Dental is a reminder of the many significant and gradual improvements on her appearance and health.

Michael’s Yellow and Crooked Teeth

Michael decided it was time he committed fully to his acting career and move to Hollywood. Given the competitiveness of the field, he knew he had to look perfect. He was generally happy with his looks except for his teeth. He thought they could be straighter and whiter. His challenge was perfecting his teeth in a short period of time. He was planning to move the next month.

Fast results were not something he was able to find from the other dentists. For Michael, veneers gave him the results he wanted so he could hit the ground running in Hollywood. He completed the veneers on his upper teeth in just 2 visits in 2 weeks. On Dr. Dickerson’s suggestion, he agreed to a slower approach to straighten his lower teeth since they aren’t as visible. He completed Invisalign treatment on his lower teeth over a 9 month period by seeing Dr. Dickerson every few months.

Today, he’s continuing to pursue his dream with the confidence he now has with his new smile.

Ronen’s Discolored Fillings and Decay

Ronen is a top executive and because of his high-profile job, he presents regularly in front of large audiences and participates in executive and client meetings. It is important for him to look his best.

To maintain his professional appearance, he initially came to Glen Park Dental to whiten his teeth to eliminate the yellow blotches on his teeth. Unfortunately for Ronen, whitening was not an option due to existing dental work in his mouth.

During our discussions on possible solutions, he also confessed how much the gap between his teeth and unevenness overall bothered him. After eliminating the decay from his teeth, conservative veneers were used to cover up his gap and discoloration.

Ronen had no idea that he had so many options available to him and wondered why he had waited so long.

Sally’s Silver Fillings with Decay

Sally always felt a slight panic when anyone asked her to be in a photo. If she smiled too wide or opened her mouth slightly too much, her silver fillings would be visible in those pictures. This always caused a bit of anxiety because she never knows who will see them in the future.

With her wedding coming up, she decided to address the problem. Vowing to not let silver fillings get in the way of showing her happiness in the most natural way on the most important day of her life, she sought help from Dr. Kimberlee Dickerson.

Understanding the importance and significance of this decision, Dr. Dickerson removed her silver fillings and replaced them and the decay that was underneath, with bonded composite filling. Sally’s wedding was beautiful and her picture was truly worth a thousand words.