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Glen Park Dental in San Francisco offers orthodontic services, the only dental service in San Francisco that offers Biobloc Orthotropics® and Functional Orthodontics as a part of the comprehensive Orthodontic Services including and beyond straightening teeth in children and adults:

  • Biobloc Orthotropics® – facial growth guidance for young children
  • Functional Orthodontics – more than just straight teeth

Biobloc Orthotropics® – facial growth guidance

Biobloc Orthotropics® is a unique approach to facial growth guidance and preservation of airway space (preventing sleep disorders in the future) in young children, ages 4-12 based on the philosophy that poor bites are functional, and not genetic. How children posture their mouth (rest oral posture) influences the growth of their face as they age. If this is not corrected early, poor oral posture can lead to not only an unaesthetic teeth, but also unaesthetic facial profile, and potentially decreased airway space. Decreased airway space can contribute to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and cardiovascular problems such as stroke and heart attack later in life. Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian screens children as early as age two for habits that may inhibit proper facial growth. Habits such as mouth breathing, finger or blanket sucking, tongue thrusts, grinding, and snoring can all cause the upper jaw, or maxilla, to drift down and backwards. Typically, the front teeth are almost always too far back in the face, causing the lower jaw to grow down and back, rather than the natural growth pattern of down and forward. A measurement called the Cosmetic Line – taken from the tip of the nose to the bottom of the upper front teeth – can help screen for this negative growth pattern before it’s too late. As a part of the holistic approach pediatric dentistry, Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian may make a referral to an Ear, Nose, Throat Specialist (ENT), sleep clinic, pediatric allergist, myofunctional therapist, cranial osteopath, or Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) chiropractor to maximizing child’s growth potential. After a comprehensive screening, if a child can benefit from Biobloc Orthotropics®, Dr. Ebrahimian will custom-make, removable appliances designed to reverse the undesired facial growth, and redirect it in a more favorable direction. Biobloc Orthotropics® places the front teeth in their proper position in the face,then moves the lower jaw forward to create balance and provide an adequate airway space.Biobloc Orthotropics® is not intended to straighten teeth, but to balance the facial profile and correct the oral posture that initially caused the face to deviate from its intended growth trajectory. When the facial profile is balanced, the teeth can then be straightened with braces. Aside from drastic measures such as jaw surgery later in life, no other treatment can accomplish what Biobloc Orthotropics® can for young children. If you are contemplating braces for your child, Dr. Ebrahimian can help you with the best course of action for your child that can not only straighten his or her teeth, but also help maximize his/her overall health.

Functional Orthodontics – more than just straight teeth.

Functional orthodontics to help patients of all ages achieve a healthy occlusion (bite), an attractive facial profile and a straight, attractive smile. Functional orthodontics can be used to correct problems that affect children and adults alike. Including custom-made dental appliances and/or braces to move the teeth into proper alignment, functional orthodontics preserves the health of the temporo-mandibular joints and jaw muscles, which is based on a neuromuscular approach. Also a great option for pain patients, since the teeth are ultimately moved to a physiologically balanced bite, functional orthodontics can relieve debilitating symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, tender muscles and joints, grinding, and a limited range of motion.

Common problems corrected with functional orthodontics include:

  • Severe crowding or spacing
  • Cross bite of front and back teeth
  • Limited tongue space
  • Excessive wear and chipping of front teeth

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