GLO® Teeth Whitening

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San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Your smile is an extraordinary way to communicate with others. Unfortunately, if your teeth have stains from eating, drinking, or certain lifestyle habits like using tobacco, it could send the wrong message. That means you could potentially lose out on a career or partner opportunity. Therefore, our Bay Area cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental share the details about GLO® teeth whitening so that you can make a memorable first impression.

What is the GLO® teeth whitening system?

GLO® or Guided Light Optics® is a teeth whitening system approved and registered by the FDA. Developed by a New York City top practicing dentist, the patented technology uses warm heat acceleration, whitening gel, and a blue LED light to provide effective, safe teeth whitening results at home. Our San Francisco cosmetic dentists explain that you should expect short wear times with accelerated results, reducing potential tooth sensitivity. Additionally, studies show that GLO® provides safe yet effective results within three to five days.

How does the GLO® teeth whitening system work?

GLO® combines blue LED light science and a quality brightening agent for on-the-go smile brightening power. Before you begin GLO® treatments, our Marin cosmetic dentists encourage patients to brush and floss their teeth to remove food debris and bacteria for optimal results. Then, apply the whitening gel to every tooth surface and insert the soft mouthpiece. Next, use our unique app on your Bluetooth-connected device to begin the cycle, which typically lasts five to seven minutes, depending on your brightening goals.

Will GLO® cause sensitive gums or teeth?

Many patients associate increased sensitivity with teeth whitening treatments. However, our Oakland teeth whitening dentists explain that after using the GLO® gel and process, a vast majority of patients don’t experience sensitivity during the application process or after treatment. Below are a few added benefits of the GLO® teeth whitening system.

  • Vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
  • Spares patients from heightened tooth sensitivity
  • A thick gel that remains in place without strips or trays
  • Safe ingredients that don’t contain alcohol and carbamide peroxide
  • Clinically made to stay on teeth while staying off your gums and other soft oral tissues

Can patients with restorative dental work use GLO®?

Most teeth whitening treatments available do not alter or have an effect on crowns or dental fillings (cosmetic bonding). However, GLO® can deliver astounding teeth whitening results in patients with fillings, bridges, crowns, or veneers. However, dental work can only reach its original brightness level and not become brighter. Furthermore, our teeth whitening dentists in San Francisco advise patients currently wearing braces to avoid the GLO® system until their treatment is complete to achieve optimal results.

How long should GLO® results last?

Teeth whitening results naturally fade over time due to the consuming staining foods and beverages. Maintaining white teeth requires occasional touch-up treatments, regardless of which product you use. Once you complete your initial GLO® session and reach your desired shade within five to seven days, you can maintain your brightness  with a once per month whitening treatment that includes three consecutive applications. Then, after six months, you can self-administer another treatment to re-brighten your smile. If you notice discoloration or stains appearing before the next treatment session, you can use the specially formulated whitening gel to restore the desired shade while between treatments.

GLO® Teeth Whitening in Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California

Brightening your smile with GLO® no longer means scheduling an in-office appointment or missing time from work. Instead, when you choose the GLO® teeth whitening system, you receive fast results in your home, office, or while on the go. If you want to find out more information about GLO® or see if it’s the correct teeth whitening treatment for you, feel free to contact our San Francisco cosmetic dentist that offers GLO teeth whitening. Please call Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500 or request a consultation online.