Teeth Whitening

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San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Thanks to advances in cosmetic dentistry, having a bright, white smile is obtainable by people other than celebrities. Your teeth can change color because of your lifestyle. Certain substances like wine, coffee, and tea can discolor your teeth, as can using tobacco in any form. Certain medications can cause color changes in teeth as a side effect, and your teeth also naturally turn yellow as you age.

Whatever the cause of discoloration, you can achieve whiter teeth with lasting results through a professional teeth whitening treatment from the cosmetic dental team at Glen Park Dental.

The professional difference

There are a wide variety of products on the market today that offer consumers brighter, whiter teeth. These products range from whitening toothpaste to at-home whitening kits.

However, the professional whitening procedures used at Glen Park Dental are a better choice for the following reasons:

  • Better results. A professional whitening treatment has a greater chance of success, and your teeth will stay whiter for a longer period of time. Commonly, over-the-counter whitening treatments only work for a short amount of time.
  • Less sensitivity. Many whitening products and kits available in stores can cause increased sensitivity in your teeth, especially on repeat applications.
  • Our staff takes your entire oral health into account before beginning any whitening treatment.

Zoom Laser Whitening

Administered by our courteous and experienced team of cosmetic dental professionals, Zoom Laser Whitening treatments often can be completed in just one office visit and work best for patients with yellowed teeth.

What to know before undergoing teeth whitening

Before beginning your Zoom Laser Whitening treatment, our cosmetic dentist will evaluate the state of your oral health and lifestyle to determine if you are a candidate for teeth whitening. If you are considering other forms of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening may be recommended before beginning any other procedures.

The teeth whitening process

Once the whitening gel is applied to your teeth, a special laser light is used to activate the gel. We will whiten your teeth in segments that total to about a 45-minute appointment. Feel free to bring headphones to listen to music while you wait.

We will also send you home with pre-filled trays so that you can apply Zoom Whitening treatments for touch-ups.

To learn more about our teeth whitening treatments or any other cosmetic dental procedures offered at Glen Park Dental, contact our office at (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment.