Dental Implant FAQ

dental implant faq

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

If you choose to have a dental implant installed by the team of restorative dental professionals at Glen Park Dental, you will be receiving the finest tooth replacement option available today.

Q: Why should I choose a dental implant?

A: Implants look, feel, and perform more like real teeth than any other tooth replacement. An implant also maintains the strength and integrity of the jawbone, which receives stimulation from the implant screw itself.

Q: How much does an implant cost?

A: Before beginning work on any dental implant, we perform a comprehensive examination of your oral health, during which we compose a treatment plan that provides an estimate of the cost of treatment. Implants do cost more than other tooth replacement options but can save you money long term because an implant is a permanent tooth replacement.

Q: How long does an implant procedure take?

A: You can anticipate multiple appointments at our office for any implant installation procedure. At the first visit, our staff will surgically insert the implant screw into the jawbone. At the subsequent visit, we will cap the implant with a crown. In many cases, the healing process between appointments, to allow the implant to fuse into the jawbone, lasts 3-6 months. After the initial appointment, many people can resume their routine by the next day.

Q: Are dental implants safe?

A: Yes. The procedure to insert the implant screw is very well-known and predictable for a trained and experienced restorative dentist. Before undergoing any surgery, however, make sure you go over your entire medical history and lifestyle habits with your dentist. Smoking or certain pre-existing conditions may increase your risk factor. Implants also are not recommended for children, or any patient suffering from gum disease at any stage, until it has been treated successfully.

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