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Did you know that, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries, a dental injury is the most common type of facial mishap suffered by young people who participate in a contact sport?

Recent research conducted by the foundation also determined that these injuries are typically serious when they occur. Dental sports injuries usually result in either a partial or total fracture of a tooth, or avulsion—a term used to describe the complete displacement of a tooth from the socket.

Most dental injuries sustained in sports result in total loss of a tooth and typically warrant a visit to the emergency dentist—which is both costly and usually entails some lost time at school or work. Sustaining a dental injury of this sort also increases the likelihood of other oral health problems later in life.

Protect your child against this kind of catastrophic injury, by obtaining a custom-designed sports guard from Glen Park Dental.

Why choose our sports guards?

You can buy any one of a variety of mouthpieces designed to be worn during sports. You might have seen these mouthpieces, available for purchase at any store that sells sporting goods or athletic equipment.

Custom made sports guards

The guards fabricated by Glen Park Dental, however, are a cut above the rest. Every sports guard we offer is custom-made from taking impressions of the bite and mouth. These models guarantee that each guard will fit as securely as possible in the mouth, protecting the teeth, mouth, and tongue in case your child experiences a collision with another athlete or a piece of equipment. The guards we offer also are made of high-quality material.

Make sure that a sports mouth guard is part of the athletic equipment if your child participates in any contact sport, of any kind. To learn more about our sports guards or to schedule an appointment, contact our office at (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment.

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