Overbrushing when there’s too much of a Good Thing

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA We grow up knowing about the importance of brushing our teeth every day to help maintain good oral health, but too much of even a good thing can be a detriment. Your local San Francisco dentist at Glen Park Dental wants to make you aware of the potential dangers…

could stress wreck your teeth
Could your Stress and Anxiety be Wrecking your Teeth?

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA In today’s day and age, it is inevitable that we deal with some amount of stress or anxiety. From demanding schedules at work, to a hectic and busy family life, adults and teens alike can suffer from bruxism, which occurs when you clench and grind your teeth. The problem…

dont let insurance dictate level of care
Why Insurance Shouldn’t Dictate Level of Care

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Many people are nervous about going to the dentist, but for some, the anxiety does not come from what happens in the dental chair but from the cost of the care. These individuals may neglect to make regular visits to their dentist, even when they have a problem that…

use dental benefits before end of year
Use Your Dental Benefits Before the End of the Year

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Use it or lose it. This is the credo that applies when it comes to your dental benefits and, unfortunately, it is one that many consumers do not heed. The vast majority of dental insurance plans operate on a calendar year, meaning that when January 1 arrives, any unused…

why lying to the dentist is a bad idea
Why Lying to the Dentist is a Bad Idea

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA We’ve all been there, frantically flossing, brushing and using mouthwash right before our dentist appointment. The dreaded question is coming and other than flossing fifteen minutes before your appointment the answer is going to be no to “have you been flossing?” The dentist is human too, and we all…

lift your smile for the holidays
Lift your Smile for the Holidays

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Have you heard of a “smile lift?” Your mind probably goes straight to the thoughts of plastic surgery or even a facelift. Well, a smile lift is exactly the opposite of that! A smile lift uses dental laser technology to reshape and contour your gum line giving you a…

where do migraines start
Where do Migraines Start

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Many people who suffer from migraines don’t think much about how they start, only how to get rid of these debilitating headaches. While pain management is certainly important, understanding a little bit of what causes migraines may actually provide insight on how to treat them. What are migraines? Migraines…

improving sleep
Tips for Improving your Sleep

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Many adults require about 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. As busy as we are with life, we are lucky to get 6 hours on most nights. So, how can you get better sleep? Here are some tips on improving your sleep so you can feel rejuvenated….

Sippy Cup – Why you Should Skip It

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Sippy cups are a godsend for parents. But, that is exactly who they were designed for – the parents. An engineer was fed up with his child spilling juice all over the floor, so he invented the sippy cup. However, these specially designed, leak proof cups are unnecessary for…

relieve dental anxiety natural
Relieve your Dental Anxiety the Natural Way

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA Millions of people suffer from dental anxiety or a fear of going to the dentist. While there are methods of relaxing for patients such as use of nitrous oxide or sedation dentistry, some patients prefer a more natural option for relieving their dental anxiety. Here are some tips you…