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Missing teeth impact your life in a variety of ways. It becomes more difficult to eat and chew. If lost teeth are in highly visible areas of the mouth, you are less likely to smile and feel more self-conscious.

Over time, living with lost teeth can have serious ramifications on your oral health. Your remaining teeth can shift into the open space in the mouth, causing crowding of the existing teeth.

Plus, once a tooth is extracted, the gum and bone tissue begin to shrink away, leading to gum recession around other teeth and even cause your existing teeth to become loose.

Restore your smile and your lifestyle by having a partial denture installed by the team of professionals at Glen Park Dental.

What is a partial denture?

A partial denture also referred to as a partial, is a removable, prosthetic tooth replacement. You remove the partial to clean it, and we also recommend taking out your partial when going to bed.

After receiving a partial denture, you regain the ability to eat and chew normally. Your smile no longer has a gap. And, at Glen Park Dental, anytime we install a partial denture, we take extra time to make sure it aligns perfectly with your existing bite, giving you a confident and natural look.

Types of partial dentures

We offer the following varieties of partial dentures at Glen Park Dental:

Metal partials: Consist of an acrylic base, which has prosthetic teeth bonded to it, and a metal framework with clasps that attach to your teeth, offering a secure yet comfortable fit. Our staff will match the shape and color of these prosthetic teeth to blend in with your smile naturally. The color of the acrylic base also can be adjusted to match your smile and gum line.

Metal-free partials: Best suited for patients who have a metal allergy of some sort, or individuals who are particularly concerned with the aesthetics of their tooth replacement. The absence of the framework or clasps makes this denture look even more like natural teeth. Metal-free partials also are more flexible, and lighter weight. Some patients find that a metal-free partial feels more comfortable given its flexible nature.

Learn more about partial dentures or any of the other tooth replacement options at Glen Park Dental by contacting our office at (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment.

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