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most out of dental crown
5 Ways to get the Most Out of your New Dental Crown

San Francisco and Marin CA If you just got a new dental crown or will soon be receiving this restoration, you may be wondering how to get the biggest bang for your buck. After all, you’ve decided to invest in your smile by preserving your tooth, and you don’t want to let that hard earned…

delta dental
Why Dropping Delta Dental is a Good Thing for Patients

San Francisco and Marin CA We recently dropped Delta Dental, which means that Glen Park Dental is no longer an in-network provider for this insurance plan. While you may think this is bad news for any patients with a Delta Dental policy, we’ve got some good news on how this change will be beneficial to…

smile more
6 Reasons to Smile More Often

San Francisco and Marin CA When it comes to making a first impression, your smile plays a pivotal role. One  recent study found that more than 75% of respondents identified a smile as the most important physical trait they evaluate when meeting someone for the first time. People who smile more are perceived as being…

What could be Causing your Daily Headaches?

San Francisco and Marin CA Headaches have a way of ruining a day, especially when you wake up with one. Most times, people who suffer from chronic headaches or migraines try to pinpoint certain medical conditions that could be causing them. They tend to overlook dental problems as a potential cause, but it’s entirely possible…

floss everyday
5 Reasons to Floss Everyday

San Francisco and Marin CA According to data from surveys, approximately one-third of American adults do not floss at all. Are you one of them? Failing to floss daily, much less failing to floss at all, elevates your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other hazards to your oral health. If your flossing is…

ear pain
What Does it Mean if a Toothache Causes Ear Pain?

San Francisco and Marin CA Toothaches — whether they start as a dull, aching pain or are excruciating from the onset — are unexpected, inconvenient and painful. Oftentimes, that pain can radiate to other places on the face and head, including in the ears. Today, our family dentist in San Francisco is tackling the reasons…

Delta Dental Notice

Hello Friends and Family of Glen Park Dental Despite our best attempts to speak with each of our Delta Dental clients directly throughout the year and via email in August, there are some who regrettably still came in for their appointments unaware of the changes and or the potential ramifications to their dental coverage and…

not losing weight
Are you Sabotaging your Weight Loss by not doing this One Thing?

San Francisco and Marin CA Maintaining good oral health has so many benefits. It keeps your pearly whites looking beautiful. It reduces your risk of dental disease. It helps protect your overall health by reducing your body’s inflammatory markers. Doctors measure inflammatory markers through blood samples, and the findings could indicate infection, or the presence…

expense of dental care
Expense of Dental Care

San Francisco and Marin CA Dental care in the United States has a reputation for being rather pricey, a reputation that is not exactly undeserved. While dental checkups, cleanings, and routine visits are often very reasonable, dental procedures beyond this can be very costly, almost staggeringly so: implants and root canals can run into the…