dental fillings

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At Glen Park Dental, fillings are one of the most common procedures we perform. Rather than install one of the metallic restorations you may think of when you consider fillings, we use tooth-colored fillings to repair cavities or replace old fillings. The composite material we use will look like your other natural teeth.

The composite difference

Known alternatively as a tooth-colored filling or a white filling, a composite filling consists of glass or quartz filler, which is then mixed with a resin medium.

We also can install a tooth-colored filling to replace an older metallic filling that has started to fail, cracked, or become loose.

Why should you choose a tooth-colored filling?

  • Because a composite filling is bonded directly to the affected tooth, it is far less likely to break than a traditional metallic or “silver” filling.
  • When subjected to temperature changes in the mouth, composite fillings expand and contract at the same rate as your teeth, unlike metal fillings that react at different rates, causing damage to the tooth.
  • Tooth-colored fillings are metal-free, meaning a patient with a metal allergy can receive one with no problems.
  • When you have a composite filling installed, it protects a greater quantity of your natural, existing tooth structure.

What can you expect from receiving a tooth-colored filling?

  • The dentist will remove any area of the tooth that has been damaged.
  • The tooth is thoroughly rinsed clean.
  • An adhesive agent is applied to the tooth and then dried.
  • The composite material is bonded to the tooth and cured using a special ultraviolet light.
  • The dentist will shape and polish the restoration to ensure a smooth, natural look and feel.

While every individual has different oral health needs, we often can complete a filling procedure during a single visit to our office.

To learn more about tooth-colored fillings or any of our other restorative dental procedures, contact our office by calling (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment.

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