First Impressions a Smile Can Make or Break

smiles and first impressions

smiles and first impressionsSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Let’s face it, many of us form our opinions about a person based on a first impression, which by the way, accounts for a total of about one-tenth of a second. That equates to 100 times faster than it took you to read this opening sentence. What is really going through our minds in that split second that we meet someone?

Well, one-third of Americans, in fact, notice a person’s teeth before anything else. And, apparently, there are key elements of truth to this statement, according to research. Making a great first impression is no doubt important to many.

Here are 3 firsts that your smile can make or break.

  1. First Date-Getting ready for that first date, and what do you usually stress over? What to wear? Well, that’s not really all that important after all. We have some good news for those bad hair days because both men and women cite that a smile is the number one feature of attractiveness, even more than an outfit or hair. According to a study, 74% of women won’t lean in for a smooch if they suspect poor oral health. And, bad breath was one of the top reasons why singles passed on setting a second date.
  1. First Interview-Employers rate candidates who smile as more hireable than a candidate who doesn’t. So, the next time you walk into an interview, don’t you want to smile with confidence? In that case, ditch the cigarettes if you are a smoker. A survey conducted by Seattle University revealed that 90% of executives were in favor of hiring a non-smoker over a smoker as long as their qualifications were equal.
  1. First Speeding Ticket-It happens to the best of us, you are running late or suddenly get a “heavy” foot, and then you see sirens in your rear-view mirror. Just remember this: be polite and smile. People who smile are thought to be cooperative, which means a greater amount of trust. Remember this the next time you get pulled over!

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