Are Dental X-Rays Safe? Get the Facts

are your dental x rays safe

are your dental x rays safeSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Superman boasted X-ray vision as one of his many superpowers. The reality, however, is that X-rays are science fact, not science fiction. Dentists have been using X-rays for years as a tried-and-true diagnostic tool. And yet at Glen Park Dental, we encounter many patients that are not comfortable with X-ray technology. We want to help you separate the science fact from science fiction when it comes to X-rays.

The Beginning of X-rays in Dentistry

X-ray machines have been used in medicine for more than a century. In 1896, a physicist named Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was starting to make waves in the Netherlands. He built the first X-ray machine and became the first-ever physicist to win a Nobel Prize. His machine was built using parts from a high school and local hospital and was later used to see the human bone structure.

Are X-rays Dangerous?

X-ray machines use electromagnetic radiation waves that are dense enough to go through the skin but will be stopped or slowed by denser matter like bones. In the earliest stages of X-ray technology, there were higher risks of radiation-related health issues. As technology has advanced, radiation risks have decreased. Today, most modern dental offices use digital X-ray technology, which emits the least amount of radiation. According to the American Dental Association, as well as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, having dental X-rays during pregnancy is considered safe with the use of appropriate shielding. X-rays aren’t just safe—they’re recommended to help your San Francisco family dentists diagnose and monitor your oral health.

The Facts About X-rays

Digital X-rays are arguably the most common diagnostic tool in modern dentistry. They are used every day in dental offices across the world. At Glen Park Dental, we use X-rays to detect cavities between teeth, examine your jawbone and jaw joints, and detect or monitor cancerous tumors. We also can use X-rays as part of the process of creating treatment plans, which helps avoid repetitive dental treatments. Given the advances in technology, allowing X-rays to be taken with unprecedented precision, the benefit of dental X-rays dramatically outweighs the risks.

Dental X-rays in San Francisco

Even the most well-trained dentist can’t see everything with their naked eye. That is why X-rays are typically part of your routine and preventive dental care here at Glen Park Dental. We use digital X-ray technology that produces clearer and more precise images than any standard X-ray machine.

If you ignore dental problems until you feel pain, it will only lead to any existing condition getting worse. A severe infection in the mouth or cancerous growth could cost you your life. We can use X-rays to detect life-threatening dental issues. We hope that this article calms any fears you have about X-rays, but if you still have concerns, contact us. If you live in Marin, Oakland, or San Francisco, California, let Glen Park Dental help you. We will answer your questions and schedule your examination, including digital X-rays, when you contact us by phone at (415) 585-1500.