Expert Advice on Finding the Best TMJ Dentist

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San Francisco and Marin CA

Jaw pain and discomfort may have you researching temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ dentists to find relief. Undoubtedly, there are several specialists in the area that can offer treatment. However, how do you know which one is best? Our TMJ dentists in San Francisco at Glen Park Dental share expert advice on finding the best TMJ dentist so that you can reduce your pain and restore normal functionality.

#1: Check their certifications

Even though some dentists fail to possess the proper training and knowledge to treat TMJ disorder, it doesn’t prevent them from making treatment claims. TMJ disorder and its treatments are not taught in the standard dental school curriculum. Therefore, seek a neuromuscular dentist in Marin with specialized knowledge and experience in dental science, focusing on the bite and jaw alignment. Feel free to ask the dentist about their courses and post-graduate education experience. Then, choose a dentist who studied neuromuscular dentistry and TMJ treatment at the Las Vegas institute or the Kois Center.

#2: Do your research

With access to tons of information on the internet, you can easily search for information on needed services and providers. There are multiple areas to research online and gather a full-picture view of the dental practice, including the provider’s website, social media channels, and online reviews. Our San Francisco TMJ dentists recommend reading online reviews to give you a clearer picture of what you may experience.

#3: Know your treatment options

TMJ treatment it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many nuances and details in each patient’s case that can alter the treatment course. Therefore, our San Francisco neuromuscular dentists will devise a customized treatment plan specific to your needs.

Below are a few typical treatments for TMJ disorder:

  • Oral Appliance – Wearing an oral appliance can help alleviate temporomandibular joint stress by adjusting the lower jaw forward to relieve tension and inflammation in the jaw joints.
  • Orthodontics – Making small adjustments to your teeth can help alleviate an unbalanced bite that can cause TMJ symptoms.
  • Jaw Surgery – Rare or significantly advanced cases may require jaw surgery to restore bite alignment and function.

Scheduling a consultation to get relief for TMJ disorder in Marin is the first step in obtaining treatment. First, our experienced neuromuscular dentists will evaluate your oral health condition. Then, we will discuss treatment options, answer your questions, provide a time frame for treatment, and explain treatment costs. Feel free to share your questions or concerns during the consultation.

TMJ Dentists in Marin and San Francisco, California

Living with jaw pain or discomfort can intrude on door quality of life. Unfortunately, if you avoid seeking treatment with a qualified TMJ dentist in San Francisco, your condition will only worsen, and you may suffer permanent damage. Therefore, when you notice jaw pain, schedule an appointment with Glen Park Dental to regain a pain-free life. Please call our office at (415) 585-1500 or contact us online today.