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Benefits of Growth Appliance Therapy

growth appliance therapy

San Francisco and Marin CA

Does your child have teeth coming in with a crooked alignment? Have they been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea? Do they frequently breathe through the mouth, whether asleep or awake? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then an orthodontic growth appliance could help.e

What is an orthodontic growth appliance?

A growth appliance has a similar shape and size to a retainer. It encourages the growth of the jaws into a wider, more preferred shape by applying a light force in the directions that the jaws need to grow. This simple appliance does not cause pain and is easy to maintain; your child can wear it when they sleep at night. The typical course of treatment lasts between six and nine months.

You also may think of this method of treatment as a palate expander. This widens the palate, allowing for wider dental arches and also more space in the mouth to accommodate the tongue.

Other results of therapy with an orthodontic growth appliance include:

  • Optimizing facial growth
  • Encouraging a more balanced facial profile
  • Improving function of the tongue
  • Stabilizing the bite
  • Balancing the jaws
  • Encouraging a healthy breathing pattern
  • Optimizing resting oral posture – with the lips closed, teeth closed and tongue resting gently against the roof of the mouth

This method of treatment also can help with a tongue-tie or lip-tie

If you have a restricted frenum in the tongue or lip, this can impede proper emergence of the teeth from the gum line. Living with a tongue-tie or lip-tie can compromise the development of the face and jaws. In other words, your child’s mouth will not grow to the proper size to accommodate all the teeth that need to fit.

Is growth appliance therapy right for my child?

If your child suffers from any of the conditions listed above, then this method of treatment can be a good choice. While traditional orthodontic treatment through braces or even clear aligner therapy such as Invisalign waits until adolescence, treatment of this type can begin when a child is as young as five. We prefer to begin treatment by the age of 13 as a maximum. Patients who are 16 or older need to be treated as adults when it comes to any type of orthodontic treatment.

Growth appliance therapy in San Francisco and Marin, California

If you would like to learn more about growth appliance therapy and its benefits, the team at Glen Park Dental is here to help. We can explain more details about this method of treatment and the specific options available to you in growth appliances. We also may recommend use of a growth appliance in combination with a course of myofunctional therapy. Early intervention with orthodontic treatment of this type can make a lasting difference in the oral health and wellness of your child. Call (415) 585-1500 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.