Why Lying to the Dentist is a Bad Idea

why lying to the dentist is a bad idea

why lying to the dentist is a bad ideaSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

We’ve all been there, frantically flossing, brushing and using mouthwash right before our dentist appointment. The dreaded question is coming and other than flossing fifteen minutes before your appointment the answer is going to be no to “have you been flossing?” The dentist is human too, and we all make mistakes. Yes, we all do our best to make sure our oral health is in tip-top shape, but let’s face it life sometimes gets in the way. The worst mistake you can make though is to lie to your dentist. We know, it’s embarrassing to tell the truth about your oral health habits, but let us explain why it’s better to tell the truth rather than lie.

First of all, it won’t work

Dentist and dental technicians are trained professionals who know the tell-all signs of oral health and lack thereof. This is their craft, and if you have a dentist who agrees with you when you lie about your oral health, well it’s time for a new dentist. And trust us, if you think only flossing a few days before of the morning of your appointment will help, guess again. Long-term flossing and oral health practices may not be easy for the general public to notice but remember your dentist spent all those years studying just what to look for.

Lying about more than flossing?

Sometimes cleanings and dental procedures can be painful, and to be honest, that’s a common fear when it comes to the dentist. Lying to your dentist about pain is also not a good idea. Your dentist can offer topical anesthetic or prescribe over-the-counter pain medication prior to your visit. Also, patients tend to lie about the quality of our diet, we know it’s hard, but this should also be something you honestly describe to your dentist. As we learned before, the dentist can tell if you are speaking the truth regarding your oral health, plus understanding what is causing the pesky tartar buildup will only benefit you in the long run.

Creating healthy habits

  • The best habits to proper oral hygiene begin with brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day.
  • Schedule regular dentist appointments for cleanings and check-ups every six months (or otherwise advised by the dentist).
  • Stay away from tobacco and do your best to limit the amount of alcohol you consume.
  • And lastly, eat a healthy diet of lots of fruits and vegetables and try to avoid sugary or starchy snacks.

Find a dentist you can trust

Finding someone you’re comfortable with is the first step in all healthcare. You should be comfortable to tell your dentist the truth about your oral health. Asking questions is the best way to ensure you are making the best decision in choosing your health provider. There should be no questions off limits when it comes to your oral health, and you want a dentist who is open to discuss any concerns you may have. At Glen Park Dental we put the patient first and offer a variety of services to help you on your journey to complete oral health. We see patients of all ages and provide comprehensive dental options including cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, implants and more.

Glen Park Dental would love to answer any questions you have about oral health or dental practices. Glen Park Dental offers five expert dentists that fit your every need, servicing patients of Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California. To begin your best oral health habits reach us today at (415) 585-1500.