7 Tips to Banish Bad Breath for Good

banish bad breath

banish bad breathSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

No one likes dealing with bad breath, although we all experience it at one time or another. Foul-smelling breath can be caused by the foods we eat, smoking, or by not taking good care of your teeth. Unfortunately, bad breath seems to creep up at the most inconvenient time, like on a date, or during an interview. Dentists in the Bay Area at Glen Park Dental have seven tips to help you banish bad breath for good.

  1. Brush and floss daily

Brushing twice a day and flossing daily helps remove food particles and bacteria that are responsible for causing bad breath. Flossing is especially beneficial for cleaning between your teeth where decaying food and bacteria tend to lurk, and cannot be removed by just brushing alone. If you aren’t able to brush after lunch, keep some mint flavored sugar-free gum handy to chew on to freshen your breath by reducing cavity-causing bacteria.

  1. Keep your tongue clean

When you brush, also remember to clean your tongue. Our tongues are notorious for trapping odor-causing bacteria. While there are other things like tongue scrapers that you can use to clean your tongue, your toothbrush will be just fine.

  1. Use a mouth rinse

Mouth rinses kill bacteria and freshen breath. There are many types out on the market, but be sure to choose one that is ADA approved, and that is alcohol-free. Just because it burns, doesn’t mean it is doing its job. Alcohol-free mouth rinses are just as effective and more comfortable to use.

  1. Clean your dentures

If you wear dentures, or even a partial denture, be sure to remove your oral appliance daily for cleaning. Food, bacteria, and plaque can form on or under your dentures, which can give you bad breath even if you are brushing and flossing any remaining teeth twice a day. You should bring your false teeth with you to your dental checkups as well to have them cleaned because tartar can buildup on false teeth too.

  1. Keep an eye out on your saliva flow

You may not realize it, but saliva has a lot to do with your oral health. It lubricates your mouth and acts as a natural oral rinse to help keep cavity-causing bacteria at bay. But, that doesn’t mean that you get to skip brushing and flossing every day! You should pay attention to your saliva flow. If your mouth seems to be dry all of the time, this could increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. Talk to your dentist about ways to combat this problem.

  1. Kick the habit

Smoking, vaping, and other forms of tobacco use are bad for your health, obviously. But, they also aren’t good for your teeth and gums either. Kick the habit to protect your oral health. Even tobacco-less forms of nicotine, such as juuling or vaping, aren’t safe for you, nor are they better for your mouth and body.

  1. Don’t skip those dental checkups

Dental checkups are as necessary as your regular physical that you get each year. Just like your doctor checks to make sure your blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart are in good shape, your dentist needs to check your teeth and gums. There is a strong connection between oral health and the rest of your body, so remember to maintain those twice-yearly cleanings to keep your mouth in good shape.

Practice these seven habits, and you are likely to banish bad breath for good. But, chronic bad breath could be a sign of something more serious, such as gum disease, that requires treatment by your dentist. If you just can’t seem to get rid of your bad breath despite your best efforts, talk to your dentist about your concern.

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