3 Ways to get Relief from Sensitive Teeth

In this blog, your San Francisco dentists at Glen Park Dental will take a deeper look at sensitive teeth, and three ways we can help you get relief.

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Are you living with tooth sensitivity? This can be triggered when you drink a cup of hot tea or eat something cold like ice cream. Sometimes, even sweets can cause sensitive teeth to experience a zing of discomfort. Sensitivity may occur regularly or crop up sporadically without warning. Either way, it can be mighty painful. Even brushing your teeth can become an uncomfortable experience. Persistent tooth sensitivity can be a sign of a significant problem with your oral health. In this blog, your San Francisco dentists at Glen Park Dental will take a deeper look at sensitive teeth, and three ways we can help you get relief.

Fluoride treatments can harden your tooth enamel and make teeth less sensitive

Enamel is the hard outer layer of your tooth structure, and it plays an invaluable role in protecting your teeth against decay and injury. When enamel starts to erode or become weakened, it can expose the more fragile interior layers of your tooth, causing sensitivity and making you more susceptible to a host of other dental problems. A fluoride treatment remineralizes any imperfections or flaws in tooth enamel. Though usually recommended for children or individuals who do not have access to a fluoridated water supply or regular dental care, Glen Park Dental can administer a fluoride treatment to resolve enhanced tooth sensitivity. Our fluoride treatments can be conducted in our office during your regular checkup.

A dental restoration can resolve any sensitivity caused by a damaged tooth

You may need your Oakland dentist to complete a restorative procedure to protect a damaged tooth from sensitivity. Your dentist at Glen Park Dental can place a filling or crown to repair a damaged tooth and protect it from becoming sensitive. You also may have an older piece of dental work that is causing the sensitivity because it is failing and needs to be replaced.

Sensitivity can be a symptom of gum disease

Stemming from a bacterial infection of the gums, gum disease is a serious and widespread threat to your oral health, with long-term ramifications including tooth loss as well as an elevated risk of cardiac disease. Sometimes, a patient with gum disease experiences recession of the gums, which exposes the tooth roots and causes enhanced sensitivity. Gum disease must be treated to prevent it from progressing and causing even more tooth pain.

Treating sensitive teeth in San Francisco

Your oral health professionals at Glen Park Dental can perform any of the procedures listed above, but sometimes just making a small change to your routine can resolve whatever is causing your sensitive teeth. You may just need to switch to a toothbrush with softer bristles or begin using a more gentle technique when you brush. You also might need to switch to a type of toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth. The best way to know for sure is to schedule a check-up with your dentist at Glen Park Dental. Call our office at (415) 585-1500 to make an appointment today.

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