Prevent Tooth Loss by Receiving a Crown in San Francisco

prevent tooth loss with crown

prevent tooth loss with crownSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

At Glen Park Dental, we believe in avoiding tooth loss whenever possible. The good news is, even if you have a tooth that is severely damaged, it can be saved. Our San Francisco dentists can repair the damage and prevent total tooth loss by placing a dental crown. These crowns replace the exterior of a tooth, producing an end result that looks just like a natural tooth while maintaining your chewing ability and protecting the valuable interior structure of your tooth including the nerves and root. Let’s learn more about crowns and their advantages.

A crown looks great

At Glen Park Dental, we make all our crowns with dental porcelain. This a beautiful material that replicates the natural translucent quality of real tooth enamel. Plus, our dentists can match your crown to the shape and hue of the other healthy teeth in your mouth, making it indistinguishable in your mouth.

A crown provides you with chewing support

Each of the teeth in your mouth serves a purpose. Lose one, and the others have to work harder. A damaged or missing tooth impacts your ability to chew. Dental technological advances allow you to retain even more of your chewing ability. Modern crowns are stronger and can withstand more chewing force, meaning you can keep eating your favorite foods, no matter what they are. (Just make sure you keep brushing!)

A crown protects your tooth

If you have a tooth that is broken, cracked, or severely decayed, the interior structure of the tooth is at risk from bacteria in the mouth. This can cause a painful infection, even an abscess that could threaten your life and may require an extraction to resolve, depending on the current state of your tooth and whether it can be saved or not. Instead, protect your tooth before it gets to that point by receiving a crown from the cosmetic at Glen Park Dental.

A crown is versatile

A crown is a standalone treatment, but it can be used in combination with other procedures. We also use crowns at the conclusion of any dental implant procedure, capping the implant screw once it has fused with your jawbone. Likewise, a crown is placed at the end of a root canal, protecting the cleaned-out and vulnerable interior structure of the tooth. We even can place a crown to provide additional support for a dental bridge.

Dental Crowns in San Francisco

Glen Park Dental uses two types of crowns: metal-free, porcelain crowns and PFC (or porcelain-fused-to-metal) crowns. Any crown procedure will take two appointments. At first, your tooth will be prepared by having any area of decay or damage removed. After it’s cleaned thoroughly, a temporary restoration is placed. Two weeks later, you return to our office to receive your permanent, custom-made crown.

Not sure which type of crown is right for you? That question only can be answered by scheduling a consultation with one of our expertly trained Bay Area dentists. To learn more about crowns or any of the procedures we offer at Glen Park Dental, give us a call at (415) 585-1500.

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