4 Surprising ways to tell you’re ready for a Smile Makeover

ready for smile makeover

ready for smile makeoverSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Smiles are typically the first feature people notice about others, but unfortunately, your smile may not convey the message you want. It can be challenging to find time to address your smile between work, kids, household responsibilities, and general life events. However, when you look in the mirror and see something about your smile you would like to change, you may consider a smile makeover. Therefore, our San Francisco smile makeover dentists at Glen Park Dental share on the blog today four surprising ways to tell you’re ready for a smile makeover.

What makes an ideal candidate for a smile makeover?

Similar to medical treatments, smile makeover candidates should meet specific requirements. Our Marin dentists who offer smile makeovers share the basic qualifications that candidates must meet below.

  1. Good Oral Health

Candidates who have poor dental hygiene or oral health problems may experience a decreased lifespan and effectiveness for multiple cosmetic and restorative treatments. For example, patients who suffer from gum disease may experience continuous complications with cosmetic dental care unless their gum disease is treated first. Our Oakland dentists who treat gum disease can help you address and control periodontal issues. As a result, you can improve your oral and overall health and prepare for your smile makeover with effective treatments.

  1. Good Overall Health

Your oral health and your overall health are directly connected. Therefore, health concerns such as systemic issues, heart disease, or diabetes may increase your complication risk. In addition, our San Francisco dentists who offer smile makeovers explain that you may not qualify for invasive procedures that are part of a smile makeover, especially if you’re currently undergoing any radiation treatments. However, the same health concerns may not disqualify you from less intensive treatments performed as a part of a smile makeover, such as teeth whitening. The best way to know which treatments are best for you is to schedule a consultation today.

  1. Good Dental Attendance

According to the American Dental Association, you should visit your dentist once every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Patients with good oral health are generally good candidates for a smile makeover. However, if you haven’t seen the dentist for regular cleanings in a while, you may need additional treatments like cleanings or fillings before beginning cosmetic work.

  1. Realistic Expectations

Cosmetic dentistry has a history of transforming smiles for millions of patients, but it’s not a magical method. In many cases, multiple treatments are necessary to complete the cosmetic transformation and deliver the aesthetically pleasing smile of your dreams. Therefore, you may need to schedule several appointments spanning weeks apart. For example, our smile makeover dentists in Oakland explain that patients who wish to replace missing teeth with dental implants as part of their smile makeover need to prepare for a six-month or more process for that treatment alone. However, to find out how long it will take for you to achieve your dream smile, schedule a consult with a trusted Bay Area cosmetic dentist today.

Smile Makeover in Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California

Recreating your smile can require time and financial commitments that can pay off in the end. So, after reading our blog, if you feel you are ready for a smile makeover in San Francisco, please call Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500 to schedule your initial consultation with one of our smile makeover dentists. On the other hand, if you still have questions about smile makeover requirements or would like to find out if it’s the right choice for you, you may also request a consultation online. We look forward to transforming your smile with a custom-made smile makeover for you!