Questions About Teeth in a Day

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Good-bye dentures, hello teeth in a day!

The restorative dentists at Glen Park Dental can replace up to an entire dental arch of teeth through the All-On-4 implant system. Also known as “teeth in a day,” this is a revolutionary advancement in dental technology that restores your smile through a series of implants and replacement teeth that can be installed in the mouth in just a single day.

When you receive this implant system, it improves both the form and function of your teeth. Your replacement teeth will look completely natural in shape, size, and color, while also improving your ability to eat and chew.

If you have been living with multiple lost teeth, you likely have questions about the various tooth replacement options. Here are some common questions about the All-On-4 system.

Is All-On-4 right for me?

The ideal candidate for the implant system is either an individual who currently wears dentures or someone who has experienced significant tooth loss or is about to lose their teeth.

I have experienced bone loss. Can I still receive the All-On-4 implant system?

Bone deterioration is one of the most common conditions that disqualify a patient from receiving standard dental implants. Approximately 80 percent of candidates that are denied an implant, for this reason, are valid candidates to receive the All-On-4 implant system. This is because your San Francisco implant dentist strategically places the implants at a precise angle, which works well when there is a loss of jawbone.

What sets apart the All-On-4 from other tooth replacement options?

Receiving a traditional dental implant may entail a sinus lift or bone graft with a healing period of up to 6-9 months before the implant procedure is completed. The All-On-4 implant system works with the frontal area of the jaw, which has a greater density. Four implants are installed in strategic locations to anchor the replacement teeth, allowing the back implants to be installed at an angle. Working with the denser bone also allows a shorter implant screw to be placed, which is much less invasive than a normal implant installation.

Since the All-On-4 system is permanent, you never have to worry about them slipping or falling out – problems that many denture wearers face. Plus, no more messy adhesive or ill-fitting dentures to put a damper on your self-confidence.

How long does it take to receive “teeth in a day”?

The entire installation of the All-On-4 system takes approximately 2½ hours for each arch of teeth that is being replaced. Typically, we start the appointment in the morning, so that we have time to handcraft your replacement teeth. You are welcome to wait or return to our office in the afternoon for us to complete your procedure.

Does the installation procedure hurt?

It is likely that you will experience slight gum irritation or minor discomfort within the first couple of days. However, many patients find pain relief by taking over-the-counter pain medications. You can also apply an ice pack on your face for up to 20 minutes to reduce any swelling, should you experience any.

How much does it cost to receive the All-On-4 system?

The cost of each treatment varies depending on the needs of the individual patient. When it comes to your oral health and the confidence of your smile, you simply cannot put a cost on that! At Glen Park Dental, we offer a variety of payment options that fit the needs of almost every household budget.

Get teeth in a day in San Francisco

You want to choose a dental practice that is adept in both oral surgery and implant dentistry to perform an All-On-4 installation procedure. You can trust the experienced dentists at Glen Park Dental to complete this treatment and leave you with a beautiful set of new teeth that restores your smile. To learn more about the All-On-4 system, call the office of Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500 to schedule a consultation.

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