Benefits of Laser Gum Recontouring

benefits of laser gum recontouringSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

For many years, resolving cosmetic issues related to a gummy smile or receding gums meant gum surgery—a tedious, painful procedure with a lengthy recovery time. Thanks to advances in dental technology, the Bay Area cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental can achieve the same results as gum surgery in a fraction of the time with a much easier recovery through laser gum recontouring.

Benefits of laser gum recontouring

There are several benefits to choosing gum recontouring, as compared with other treatments and procedures that can improve the appearance of your gums, and smile.

The main advantage to laser gum recontouring is the advanced technology used to perform the treatment. At Glen Park Dental, we have a soft tissue laser, a precise tool that can be used in a wide variety of treatments that previously mandated having traditional surgery instead.

Traditional gum surgery, although effective, tends to result in an uncomfortable, lengthy recovery, because it entails cutting into the gums with a scalpel. Also traditional gum surgery carries a higher risk of developing an infection.

Laser dentistry has revolutionized the entire concept of gum recontouring. Rather than cutting into gum tissue with a scalpel, a precise dental laser vaporizes gum tissue, killing bacteria and immediately sealing the wound. This causes far less trauma to the tissue and is done so with greater precision than ever before.

Unlike a traditional gum surgery, a laser gum recontouring means:

  • No cutting
  • No stitches or sutures
  • Shorter recovery time
  • More precise work means better results
  • Minimal discomfort, swelling or bleeding


Patients typically experience an easy recovery from laser gum recontouring. A diet of soft, cool foods is recommended for at least a week following the procedure. In most cases, discomfort can be managed through an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Ibuprofen.

Why choose laser gum recontouring

Laser gum recontouring also is versatile.

This procedure can resolve many cosmetic problems related to your gums, including the following:

  • A “gummy” smile, which occurs when your gums rest too high on your teeth
  • Receding gums, a common consequence of aging or a symptom of patients suffering from gum disease
  • An uneven gum line
  • The appearance of teeth being too short, or unevenly sized

After laser gum recontouring, patients often report less pain and inflammation, which is caused by the rubbing of excess gum tissue. It also results in healthier gums that are easier to clean, which improves your oral health overall.

Laser gum recontouring in San Francisco

Remember that not every dentist is qualified to perform a procedure such as a laser gum recontouring. Conducting such a procedure requires having specialized training in the discipline of cosmetic dentistry, as well as expertise working with the unique technology of a precise dental laser. If you are interested in laser gum recontouring, be sure to choose a dentist with experience in the specific procedure; the ideal dentist to perform a recontouring for you should be proud to show examples of his or her work with before-and-after success stories of previous patients.

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