Christina L.

"I have suffered from headaches practically my entire life, so when Dr. Dickerson asked me if I had headaches after seeing the wear and tear on my teeth from my clenching, I downplayed my history. She suggested an orthotic and all I heard was ‘mouth guard,’ which I had already tried before without success and with much annoyance and frustration. I was very hesitant to entertain the idea of yet another contraption for my mouth. I blamed headaches on stress, genetics . . . life. But when she said I was beginning to show gum recession (after already having an incredibly painful surgery to repair it a few years ago) and that the orthotic should help, I reluctantly listened. I decided it would be cheaper to get the orthotic than have another surgery, so I agreed to be fitted for one. I have now had the orthotic for about 7 months and I cannot recommend it enough. The headaches I thought I was ‘stuck with’ for the rest of my life are completely gone. The orthotic is so small and unobtrusive that I wear it every night, and it causes none of the discomforts of the many mouth guards I’d worn in the past. I wake up completely pain free, a new one for me; and even the headaches I would get throughout the day are gone, though I rarely wear the orthotic during the day. As I said, I was very skeptical that the orthotic would help; I am now a believer. It definitely worked for me."