Tips for Prolonging your Teeth Whitening Results

prolong teeth whitening

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The end of the year brings lots of gatherings, from fall festivals and Halloween festivities to holiday parties and, of course, ringing in the new year. It’s hard to believe how fast the year flew by after we all experienced what felt like the longest year ever last year, thanks to COVID. But now, vaccinated people are looking forward to partaking in parties, photos, and vacation time with friends and family as the year nears an end. As you prepare for this busy time, remember to schedule your teeth whitening treatment in the Bay Area at Glen Park Dental. Our professional whitening treatments provide noticeable results that last, but eventually, you will need touch-ups or another treatment. So, today on the blog, our cosmetic dentists share tips for prolonging your teeth whitening results.

Use your touch-up whitening treatments at home

At Glen Park Dental, we use Zoom! Teeth Whitening System, which whitens teeth up to eight shades in as little as a 45-minute appointment. Results last longer than what you get from store-bought treatments, although they aren’t permanent. Your teeth may develop stains from eating foods like dark berries, wine, coffee, marinara sauce, or tobacco usage. Additionally, neglecting your teeth by not brushing and flossing daily also leads to stains on your teeth. Therefore, you can extend your in-office whitening results by using the take-home trays to brighten your teeth as needed. The at-home whitening trays provided for your treatment are convenient during the end-of-year holiday rush, when getting in for a dentist appointment may be difficult.

What you eat and drink matters

One step you can do to reduce stains from the things you eat and drink is to always rinse your mouth with water after every meal, especially if you’re unable to brush. Also, drink water throughout the day instead of sipping on tea or sodas, and use a straw when you enjoy those beverages. If you’re enjoying a cocktail or wine at a party, sip on water too, which rinses away the acids and staining substances from your teeth. Avoid tobacco products, smoking, or vaping. You can also eat healthy fruits and vegetables like apples, celery, carrots, and leafy greens, which promote healthy, strong teeth.

Other ways to extend your teeth whitening results

Teeth whitening will only do so much, and then the rest is up to how well you treat your mouth. You should aim to brush your teeth twice a day and floss daily to remove bacteria and plaque buildup, which are known to cause stains and increase your risk of cavities and gum disease. (What good are white teeth if they are riddled with cavities or falling out because of gum disease?) Also, commit to your six-month dental cleanings, which remove tartar buildup and stains from your teeth. The dental hygienist uses a gentle polishing handpiece to remove stuck-on stains during your cleaning, revealing a naturally white enamel underneath.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in the Bay Area

A bright white smile can make a huge difference in your confidence, especially when attending gatherings or parties around the holidays. If you’d like to learn more or find out if Zoom! Whitening is right for you, please contact Glen Park Dental by calling (415) 585-1500.