Teeth Whitening Questions

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Walk into most any grocery store, pharmacy, or big-box store, and you will find several teeth whitening kits available. If you want whiter teeth that will last, however, receive a professional whitening treatment from Glen Park Dental.

Here are some frequently asked questions about teeth whitening.

Why is a professional whitening treatment the better choice?

Any teeth whitening treatment involves applying a gel with a whitening agent to teeth to make them whiter and brighter. The professional treatments used at Glen Park Dental employ a more concentrated version of this gel. By using this higher concentration, our patients enjoy better results that will last a longer period of time without producing enhanced sensitivity in teeth—a common consequence of using an over-the-counter whitening kit.

Are whitening treatments safe?

Yes. All of the professional teeth whitening treatments used at Glen Park Dental have been proven safe, as well as effective. We use Zoom whitening, which uses a dental laser to activate the gel. The procedure takes about an hour to achieve desired results. For touch ups at home, we can also issue custom trays to apply teeth whitening gel, which minimizes the chance of the gel leaking onto your gums. Whitening strips from the store simply do not provide this safe advantage.

What makes my teeth discolored?

The shade of your teeth changes naturally as you age. Frequent consumption of substances like dark berries, coffee, tea, and red wine also can stain your teeth.

Other causes of discoloration in teeth include:

Oxidation, which turns your teeth a brownish-yellowish color as iron from your blood supply enters the structure of your teeth, which happens when the interior of your teeth become stained.

Another cause is what is referred to as intrinsic stains that typically occur during childhood from over exposure to tetracycline – a commonly used antibiotic, and sometimes from too much fluoride.

How to prolong teeth whitening results

After undergoing any whitening treatment, you can prolong the results by brushing twice per day, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist every six months for a professional cleaning. Also, limit the use of substances like coffee and red wine, and quit using tobacco in any form.

Is a professional whitening procedure expensive?

Having a professional teeth whitening treatment actually is one of the most affordable options for improving the looks of your smile with cosmetic dentistry. Professional whitening also is a good investment, compared to over-the-counter treatments, because the longer-lasting results will require fewer applications, and provide better results.

Having white teeth has become the societal norm. Get results that last from Glen Park Dental. To schedule your own professional whitening treatment, call our office at (415) 585-1500.

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