Questions About Dental Crowns

questions about dental crownsSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Do you have a tooth that has been severely damaged due to tooth decay or an injury? If so, Glen Park Dental can prevent total loss of the tooth by installing a crown.

If you think you need a crown or another medical professional has recommended that you get one, check out these frequently asked questions about crowns, and how the procedure works.

Why is getting a crown better than having a tooth pulled?

Glen Park Dental believes in avoiding tooth loss whenever possible. This is because, when you lose an adult tooth it can cause a misalignment in the bite, as well as other issues such as crowding and shifting of your existing teeth, and the deterioration of your supporting bone structure while your risk factor for tooth decay and gum disease increases.

Pulling a badly damaged tooth may seem like a good idea, but in the long run, a crown is the better choice. A crown replaces the entire exterior of a tooth, creating a tooth that will be stronger, more resistant to damage, and provide the utmost protection for the interior structure of your tooth, which includes the root, blood vessels, and nerves.

What will a crown look like when finished?

Every crown used at Glen Park Dental has an exterior fabricated from high-grade dental porcelain, which will reflect light just like natural tooth enamel. A crown also can be matched to look like your other natural teeth. Many patients who receive a crown report the treated tooth looks and performs better than it did before the procedure.

How long does a crown procedure take?

At Glen Park Dental, you can receive a dental crown in one visit! To begin the procedure, the dentist removes the damaged area of the tooth, takes digital impressions that are used to construct your crown, and then fabricates your crown while you wait. Once the crown is ready, it is permanently bonded to your tooth, providing you with a gorgeous restoration with added durability and strength.

What will my crown look like?

Dental crowns are made to look just like natural teeth. From its shade, size, shape, and light reflecting qualities, the final result will look completely natural. Even the grooves on the chewing surface of the crown will make it indistinguishable from your other teeth.

Are there alternatives to dental crowns?

Each patient is different, and so alternative restorations may be a better option, depending on your oral health needs and your overall health. These alternatives may include a tooth-colored filling or an inlay/onlay, both of which preserve a higher quantity of your natural tooth structure than a dental crown. However, the dentist will determine which restoration is best for you.

If you think you need a crown, or want to learn more about our crown procedures, then call our office at (415) 585-1500 to schedule a consultation.

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