Breastfeeding Moms-Read this Before you Switch your Baby to Formula

breastfeeding moms

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Becoming a new mom who chooses to breastfeed her child can be a struggle, especially when baby doesn’t seem to latch properly. Worrying as a parent is natural, but there is no need to stress over breastfeeding your child. Before you stress out because you are a new mom or cannot get your baby to latch correctly, try to relax because there is hope. Your leading family dentists in San Francisco at Glen Park Dental are sharing what breastfeeding moms need to know before switching to formula.

New Moms

First and foremost, know you are not alone in the breastfeeding journey. Our neuromuscular dentists in Oakland at Glen Park Dental understand and are sympathetic to your situation. However, before you decide to change to using a formula for your baby because of the complications, exploring the reasons why your baby is not latching could help remedy the issue, so you can continue to breastfeed. At Glen Park Dental, we see patients whose child is born with a tongue-tie or a lip tie that does not allow them to latch correctly. The good news is that there is more information about the condition below, and, even better, there is a simple fix to correct it!

Your Baby is Not Latching

There are several reasons why a baby may not latch properly. However, the most common cause is due to a tongue tie or lip tie. The restrictive tissue prevents your baby from forming a proper latch. Unfortunately, the problem may cause additional concerns such as weight drop, reflux, dissatisfied, gassy, or waking up several times throughout the night to nurse. Therefore, your family dentists in Marin at Glen Park Dental offer a screening to detect a possible tongue tie or lip tie and the treatment to correct the problem.

The Treatment Process

Our dentist will assess your child’s frenum, which is the string of tissue that tethers the lip to the gums and the tongue to the floor of your mouth. The frenum is restrictive, we may recommend releasing the tongue or lip tie. A frenectomy involves using a specially designed dental laser to release the tethered oral tissue. In most cases, infants do not need anesthetic as the procedure may only cause mild discomfort. Once the process is complete, your baby may require additional training or assistance for proper latching. Ignoring the tongue or lip tie condition could cause further complications, including sleep apnea, which poses severe health risks.

Formula is Not the Wrong Choice

Some moms desperately want to breastfeed their children. When the baby is unable to latch the correct way, it can be disheartening and increase the desire to turn to formula. However, with the help of your leading family dentists in the Bay Area at Glen Park Dental, you could restore the ability to continue breastfeeding your infant. However, there is nothing wrong with feeding your baby formula. According to pediatricians, breast milk is best for your child, but formula can provide the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong.

Infant Dental Care in Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California

Whether you are a new or experienced mom, not having your baby latch on to feed can be stressful. Trying different positions could help the situation. However, if you are tired, hurting, and have tried everything to get your baby to latch while breastfeeding without results, it may be time to ask your dentist for an examination and treatment for a tongue or lip tie. If you want to find out more about tongue and lip ties or schedule an appointment for an examination, please call your professional dentists in Marin at Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment or request a consultation online today.