Why it’s Never Too Late to take Control of your Oral Health

take control of oral health

take control of oral healthSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Some people avoid going to the dentist at all costs until they are in pain, while others skip dental appointments because they are too embarrassed to go or are worried that they will be judged. At Glen Park Dental, we’d like you to know that it is never too late to take control of your oral health! We have helped patients from all walks of life and different backgrounds regain their confidence by restoring their smiles. From repairing badly damaged and decayed teeth to replacing multiple missing teeth, our Bay Area dentists can help you take control of your oral health.

Why you shouldn’t be embarrassed about your smile

Having a less than perfect smile may invoke feelings of embarrassment or fear of what people at the dentist’s office in San Francisco will think. Maybe you’ve been to a dentist’s office before that was more concerned with lecturing you than address your immediate dental health concerns. At Glen Park Dental, our caring team members and dentists want you to feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting our office. While patient education is essential, we do so in a thoughtful and educational manner, not one that makes you feel guilty for the state of your oral health. We are here to help you move forward on the path to improved oral health, which starts with a visit to our Bay Area family dental practice. Because unfortunately, neglecting your oral health could have severe consequences.

The detriment of neglecting your teeth and gums

Poor oral health directly impacts your smile. It increases the risk of cavities and gum disease, which could lead to significant tooth loss if not treated. However, your oral health is intricately connected to the health of your entire body, including your heart. In fact, studies have shown that gum disease, an active oral infection, increases the risk of heart disease. Additionally, untreated gum disease can make stabilizing blood glucose levels challenging for those with diabetes. Another study reveals the truths about having a higher likelihood of developing dementia when gum disease is left untreated. These risks only increase the longer you ignore your oral health. However, good oral hygiene and routine dental care can help keep your teeth and gums in shape while protecting your overall health when paired with a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising regularly.

Bay Area Dentists Accepting New Patients

At Glen Park Dental, we create beautiful smiles for life, which means that going to the dentist only when something hurts or never going at all isn’t the best way to achieve a great smile for the long term. Additionally, we are a judgment-free zone and understand the different challenges patients face when it comes to their oral health. We offer comprehensive dental care suitable for all ages, from young children to the elderly and everyone in between! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help get your oral health back on track or schedule a consultation, please call Glen Park Dental at (415) 585-1500. Our practice is conveniently located in the Bay Area for patients in the areas of San Francisco and Marin.