6 Oral Care Tips for your Teeth this Christmas

oral care tips for christmas

oral care tips for christmasSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

The Christmas season is probably one worth looking forward to more than anything else this year. Even though the holidays might look a bit different in 2020, one thing is for certain, lots of food! While you’re indulging in your favorite holiday dessert or snacking on a traditional Christmas treat, you’re probably not going to think about your teeth. But oral care is important no matter the time of year. The Bay Area family dentists at Glen Park Dental share six tips for caring for your teeth this Christmas so you can maintain a beautiful smile well into the new year.

Eat Treats During One Sitting

With easy access to a buffet of sweets and delicious desserts, it can be challenging to avoid grazing all day. The constant barrage of sugar increases your risk of developing cavities as the harmful bacteria consume it and create enamel eating acids. Therefore, it is better to finish your sweet treat in one sitting than spacing it throughout the day, according to the San Francisco board-certified dentists. A common belief is that high amounts of sugar destroy your teeth and leads to gum disease; when the truth is, the risk for tooth damage comes from the frequency of your sugar consumption. It’s better for your teeth to each sugar once and be done, instead of grazing on it throughout the day.

Your Teeth Are Not Tools

Christmas is one of the leading holidays for cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. Using your tooth as a tool to do a job in place of the correct device dramatically increases your risk of damaging your teeth. Tearing tape with your teeth, using them as a nutcracker, or using them to take the tags of the sweater grandma gave you are dangerous activities for your teeth. Your family dentists in San Francisco recommend making sure you have the needed tools before beginning an event or starting a task. That way, you can prevent dental emergencies during the festivities when you open a bottle of wine.

Remove Trapped Food in Your Teeth

It can be annoying to have remnants of food that linger between your teeth after the Christmas meal. It may be tempting to use anything to remove the food, but it is best to use dental floss or interdental brushes to prevent gum damage. Swishing warm water or warm salt water may help dislodge the item by softening it. However, if you struggle to dislodge the food and it starts to cause you pain, contact your emergency dentists in Marin at Glen Park Dental as soon as possible.

Be Cautious of Sticky or Hard Foods

Some Christmas chocolate box selections offer a wide variety of tasty chocolate with multiple fillings. However, exercise caution when finding ones that include toffee as they could damage restored teeth by removing dental crowns, fillings, veneers, or bridges. Also, hard items such as nutshells and ice may cause damage when chomping down on them leading to cracked, chipped, or broken teeth. The friendly Bay Area dentists at Glen Park Dental advise patients to refrain from extra sticky or hard substances to prevent dental problems during the holiday season.

Slow Champagne Consumption

It’s a tradition to celebrate ringing in the New Year by enjoying a glass (or two!) of champagne. However, the constant emersion of acid, sugar, and alcohol can damage your teeth if your mouth cannot return to a balanced pH between sparkling beverages. Therefore, the experienced Bay Area dentists near you recommend drinking water between glasses of bubbly to reduce enamel damage.

Remember to Brush Your Teeth

The Christmas season can be brutal when it comes to finding time in your schedule to add one more small thing to do. However, your oral health should not suffer because of a packed schedule. Brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing once per day is a minimum requirement for good oral health. The general dentists at Glen Park Dental urge patients to maintain acceptable oral health practices throughout the holiday season to prevent advanced oral health concerns.

Family Dentists in San Francisco, Marin, Oakland, CA

The above tips from your family-friendly dentists at Glen Park Dental, paired with regular dental visits, will help you maintain your healthy smile throughout the holidays and into the new year. Feel free to call our office today for your end of the year checkup and cleaning at (415) 585-1500 or request an appointment online to use your insurance benefits before time runs out.