10 Reasons to go to the Dentist in the New Year

oral health in 2023

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Ringing in the new year may have you contemplating what happened in the last one and the things you would like to change. From starting an exercise regimen to getting to work on time, your list may be never-ending. However, our Bay Area family dentists at Glen Park Dental encourage you to include oral hygiene on your list because good dental hygiene is crucial not only for appearances but also for overall health. Poor oral hygiene may lead to a range of dental and medical issues, including gum disease, infection, bone loss, heart disease, strokes, and more. Therefore, today on the blog, we share 10 reasons to go to the dentist in the new year so that you can protect your pearly whites and your overall health and wellness.

Screen for Oral Cancer

The Oral Cancer Foundation says that in the United States alone, someone dies every hour of every day from oral cancer. When our hygienist cleans your teeth, we also check for oral cancer, which is very treatable if caught early.

Prevent Gum Disease

One of the main factors contributing to adult tooth loss is gum disease, an infection of the gum tissues and bones that support your teeth. Early detection allows for treatment to prevent the disease from worsening. If you don’t get treatment, gum disease may progress to a more dangerous state. Preventing gum disease requires diligent daily brushing and flossing in addition to twice-yearly dental cleanings and exams.

Maintain Good Physical Health

Recent studies have shown that gum disease, which is caused by not taking care of your teeth, can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Getting your teeth cleaned every three to six months will help maintain your gums and keep your teeth healthy, and may even lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Keep Your Natural Teeth

Because gum disease is one of the primary causes of tooth loss in adults, frequent dental checkups, cleanings, brushing, and flossing are essential to retaining as many teeth as possible. Maintaining your teeth will improve your ability to chew and, consequently, your health.

Uncover Problems Early

Cavities, damaged fillings, and gum disease may be readily treated if detected early. If these issues are not resolved, the only viable treatments may include root canals, gum surgery, and tooth removal.

Maintain Good Oral Health

When you come to our office, our Marin family dentists can look at your mouth and compare it to your previous dental checkups to make sure you are taking care of your oral health. If you’re not taking care of your teeth as you should, we’ll help you get back on track.

Use Your Dental Insurance

Dental cleanings and checkups every six months are often completely or mostly covered by dental insurance policies. Benefit from this and save a significant amount of money in the long term by avoiding expensive dental operations that might be the consequence of poor oral hygiene.

Create a Treatment Plan

We will suggest a course of therapy if we find any issues in your mouth. The cost of each procedure is included in this treatment plan so that we can talk about financial arrangements to cover the cost of restoring your smile.

Brighten Your Smile

Our hygienist can get rid of most stains from tobacco, coffee, and tea. After we clean your teeth, we’ll polish them so they sparkle. What is the outcome? A happier, more radiant grin!

Prevent Bad Breath

According to research, untreated dental conditions account for roughly 85% of cases of halitosis or chronic foul breath. Bad breath may be avoided with frequent checkups and cleanings and by practicing proper oral hygiene at home.

Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California

You can protect your smile and overall health much better when you consider some of the reasons above to visit our San Francisco family dental office. Whether you have stellar oral care practices or have room for improvement, our experience and knowledgeable team can devise a treatment plan specific to your needs for excellent oral health. So, start the new year off right by scheduling a preventative treatment appointment at Glen Park Dental by calling (415) 585-1500 or contacting us online today.