Crozat & ALF Appliances

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

For straighter teeth without braces, our San Francisco cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental now offers patients light wire appliances such as the Crozat and ALF appliances as an orthodontic alternative. Both devices apply very gentle pressure to produce positive results that may decrease or eliminate the need for traditional braces later on.

Crozat Appliance

A sophisticated wire appliance, a Crozat appliance uses very light force to help straighten teeth by guiding the jawbone as it develops. When used on young children, a Crozat appliance encourages the growth of the mouth to prevent overcrowding as teeth emerge by widening the dental arches and fostering bone growth. This device allows more movement of teeth, despite its rigid wire structure. Crozat appliance may also be an option for adults who may be thinking about undergoing orthodontic treatment.

ALF Appliance

Short for Advanced Lightwire Functional appliance, an ALF appliance uses very light force to straighten teeth and improve the bite, while also improving muscle function. Considered a descendant of the Crozat appliance, an ALF appliance uses thinner wires and is better able to support the movement of the cranial bones than its predecessor. Especially successful when prescribed to children, an ALF appliance uses principles of osteopathy to align the cranial bones. The ALF may overlook vertical dimensions such as the height of the bite, which does not make it the best fit in every case.

Benefits of the appliances include:

  • Not having to wear banded braces for as long
  • Comfortable, no wires or brackets poking cheeks and tongue
  • Can be removed for sports or special occasions
  • Does not require the need for tooth extractions to make way for straighter teeth
  • Allows for bone expansion, which makes room for teeth to emerge straighter, rather than in a crowded manner
  • Adjustable
  • Not as noticeable by others

Both an ALF and Crozat appliance are part of an orthodontic approach that aims to treat the entire orofacial system—not just straighten teeth, or push or pull the jaw into alignment. Many times, patients who receive braces may experience hindered facial growth after the orthodontic treatment is complete, which especially is the case when extractions have been done. A light-wire appliance, however, encourages wider dental arches, which also is a precursor to maintaining an open airway and more thorough facial growth that, with it, often produces a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Crozat & ALF Appliances in San Francisco

Not every dental practice is allowed to prescribe these types of appliances—only dentists who undergo special training are permitted to work with these devices. We are proud that our staff includes Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, who has an extensive background working with light wire appliances in orthodontic treatment.

In addition to light-wire appliances, Glen Park Dental offers fixed braces as a means of orthodontic treatment for those that may need it. Our office also is licensed to provide Invisalign, which straightens teeth by wearing various sets of custom-made clear plastic aligners.

Ready to learn more about light-wire appliances such as the ALF and Crozat? If you would like to discuss these treatment options with a trained professional, or you want information on any of the other orthodontic methods we offer, please call Glen Park Dental at (415) 799-3900 to schedule a consultation.

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