How to know if your Chipped Tooth is Serious

when to know a chipped tooth serious

when to know a chipped tooth seriousSan Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

You bite down wrong, fall, or end up in some other type of mishap. No matter the cause, the result is the same—you’ve chipped a tooth! You might think a chipped tooth is no big deal, but there might be more damage there than you realize. In this article, your San Francisco cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental have gathered information to help you determine when a chipped tooth can be indicative of a serious problem.

Integrity matters

We’re not trying to be philosophical or talk about values here. We’re talking about the integrity of your teeth—structurally, that is. A whole, healthy tooth can be one of the strongest and most durable parts of your entire body. That can change if just a small piece of the tooth chips off. This means your tooth is less resilient than before. Over time, a chipped tooth also can develop into a more serious issue, such as a complete break.

What’s the big deal about a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth might be so small, or even not even visible, which can make it easy to overlook. Your tooth may still appear intact when you look in a mirror. Meanwhile, the healthy structure and function of your tooth might be compromised, even if it’s not visible to the naked eye. Your tooth will continue to weaken and will be more vulnerable to other serious damage.

How should you have a chipped tooth repaired?

By now, hopefully, you understand the importance of treating a chipped tooth, but how do you do so? The good news is that you have some options to address this problem. A well-trained cosmetic dentist can correct most instances of a chipped tooth with one of two procedures—either dental bonding or veneers.

In a bonding treatment, a resin is sculpted onto your tooth. This cosmetic material restores the shape of your tooth, and the resin can be selected to match the natural color of your other healthy teeth. To complete the process, your cosmetic dentist hardens the resin under ultraviolet light. The entire procedure can be completed in a single appointment, sometimes in an hour or less.

Veneers consist of a thin restoration that is placed to cover the front of the tooth or teeth being treated. Most modern veneers are made of dental porcelain—a beautiful, durable material that is stain-resistant and reflects light similar to real tooth enamel, making a completed veneer look completely natural. Unlike bonding, a veneer procedure takes place over two separate appointments, usually scheduled about two weeks apart.

Repairing Chipped Teeth in San Francisco

It doesn’t matter how slight, small, or minor your chipped tooth may be. If you’re living with a chipped tooth, you can’t afford to wait to have the damage repaired. That’s why you should contact the cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental today if you have a chipped tooth. Call us today at (415) 585-1500 to schedule your consultation if you’re located in the areas of Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco in California.