How long will it take to get a Dreamy Smile?

get a dreamy smile

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Many people dream of having the perfect sparkling white smile worthy of Hollywood’s red carpet. As an influential part of making a first impression, your smile can have a major impact on how others perceive you. If you suffer from tooth discoloration or damage from cavities, it can seem like your smile is leaving the wrong first impression. Find out from cosmetic dentists in the Bay Area at Glen Park Dental how long it may take to get a dreamy smile.

Getting Straighter Teeth with Orthodontics

When you have crooked or gapped teeth, they can cause oral health problems as well as being unattractive. There are options available to give you a straight smile. Traditional braces can be worn to straighten your teeth, but the end result will not arrive immediately. It can take months or even years to achieve your goal when wearing braces.

With advances in technology comes a less invasive and less extensive orthodontic option. Invisalign, a clear plastic tray treatment to straighten your teeth over time, is an option to consider. Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable, convenient, and usually, results can be achieved in about half the time as traditional orthodontics. However, the best way to know which orthodontic option is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Glen Park Dental.

Reversing Gingivitis

Gingivitis is caused by excess plaque that breeds bacteria in your mouth, creating cavities and inflammation in your gums. The easiest way to fight gingivitis is to adopt good oral care. When you start brushing propery (at least twice a day) and flossing daily, it can take approximately two weeks for your gums to heal. Additionally, you need to continue with a regimen of dental exams and cleanings to prevent extensive plaque buildup. Although gingivitis can cause sore gums and cause bad breath, with proper dental care, you can expect to make a full recovery. Progressive stages of gum disease, such as periodontitis, however, are not reversible and can cause severe damage to your gums, teeth, and supporting bone structure.

Maintaining Proper Oral Hygiene

For most people, learning how to brush their teeth began in childhood. However, if you are one of the unfortunate individuals who have not learned the proper method of brushing and flossing your teeth, contact Glen Park Dental today to schedule an appointment and learn proper oral hygiene techniques. We will be happy to teach you the right way to take care of your teeth and gums.

When you commit to brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing a minimum of once per day, you have a better chance of maintaining good oral health. By brushing for two minutes each time and cleaning around your gums, you will reduce your risk of gingivitis, cavities, and more serious damage, such as tooth loss. So, a few minutes each day can help you maintain a dreamy smile!

Get Rid of Tooth Stains

When we consume foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, and acidic fruits, we can easily stain our teeth.  Also, if you are a smoker, your teeth will continue to discolor throughout the years. Take a moment and think about your own habits to see if there is something you can limit your consumption of or remove from your diet. By limiting these staining substances, you can minimize stain buildup on your teeth. If you are still not happy with your smile, Glen Park Dental offers various treatments to turn your dull, dingy grin into a sparkling white smile. Our in-office professional teeth whitening treatment can brighten your smile shades whiter in as little as one office visit.

How fast you can get a dreamy smile depends on your current oral health and your commitment to oral hygiene. For some, it will only take a few weeks, while for others, it can take years. No matter how long your journey will take to achieve a sparkling white smile, Glen Park Dental will be by your side to help. Call us today at (415) 585-1500 to schedule an appointment and begin your journey to a Hollywood show-stopping smile. We provide dental care to the areas of Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California.