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whiten teeth with veneers

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Are you looking to make a good first impression on other people? Then make sure that your smile is looking its best. According to a study that recently was completed by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 71 percent of women who responded and 58 percent of men agreed that the first thing they noticed in a new potential romantic partner was their teeth. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your smile, then brightening your teeth can make an immediate, dramatic difference. It should come as no surprise then that teeth whitening is the most popular type of procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Whitening treatments do not work for everyone, though. Read on to see how your San Francisco cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental can use veneers to permanently brighten your smile.

No whitening treatment lasts forever

There are so many ways for you to achieve the aesthetic goal of whiter teeth—whether it be a toothpaste, an oral rinse, a store-bought whitening kit, or a professional treatment from your cosmetic dentist in the Bay Area. Of these options, a professional whitening treatment always is the best choice. First off, the whitening agents used by your cosmetic dentist in Oakland is more highly concentrated than any over-the-counter product. Plus, results from a professional teeth whitening procedure last longer than what you will get from a store bought whitening product.

Even the most powerful dental whitening will need to be re-applied at some point. Furthermore, the effectiveness of any whitening procedure is limited by the existing shade of your natural tooth enamel. To brighten your smile beyond the shade of your natural tooth enamel, you may need to pursue other options, such as veneers. When applied by a highly trained cosmetic dentist, veneers can cover all the visible surface of your teeth and can be adjusted to any shade you like.

Producing whiter teeth is just one of the ways that veneers can improve your smile

Veneers have been considered one of the most versatile cosmetic treatments for decades. Made of beautiful dental porcelain, veneers also can be used to resolve aesthetic flaws including chips, cracks, slight fractures, teeth of uneven sizes, excessive tooth wear, or closing an unwanted gap between two teeth.

Veneers in San Francisco

Glen Park Dental can use veneers to transform your smile. We use two types of veneers: those made of dental porcelain, and those made of a composite resin. Either variety of veneer can be matched to the color of your other natural, healthy teeth, or to any shade of whiteness that you like. For the most beautiful results, we recommend porcelain veneers. Dental porcelain is a beautiful material that will not stain due to tobacco use, or the consumption of coffee, wine, or the other agents of discoloration that are present in foods and drinks. Dental porcelain also is translucent, meaning it will reflect light in a similar manner to natural tooth enamel.

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