4 Surprising ways a Smile Makeover could Improve your Life

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When your smile is less than perfect, it can be challenging to feel comfortable in social settings. For example, you may find ways to cover your smile with your hands, smile with tightly closed lips, or avoid smiling because of your oral health condition. In addition, you could experience lowered self-esteem, self-confidence and feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, you can receive a smile makeover in San Francisco from our skilled dentists at Glen Park Dental. On the blog today, we share four surprising ways a smile makeover could improve your life so that you can reclaim your social life and flash those pearly whites.


You may avoid talking to others about how your smile makes you feel, especially if you’re embarrassed. It is said that smiles are the first thing people notice about others. Unfortunately, patients are in constant anguish about their smiles every day in some cases. Fortunately, Oakland’s smile makeover dentists have multiple ways to correct your smile through cosmetic dentistry.


Scientists study smile effects on others and yourself, the smiler. The human body responds to smiling by making others feel happy inside, even when the other person is unresponsive. Participating in social functions with a confident smile can boost your self-esteem. Our San Francisco dentists that offer smile makeovers explain that patients may feel their goals are easier to obtain after a smile makeover. In support, studies show that job candidates with a healthy, attractive smile are more likely to receive a job offer or promotion.

Improved Overall Health

Our Marin smile makeover dentists explain that smile makeovers improve more than your smile’s aesthetics. Since your oral health directly impacts your overall health condition, it’s crucial to ensure you appropriately address your teeth and gums. For example, patients with misaligned or crowded teeth may struggle to remove food debris and harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease or cavities. On the other hand, patients who have straight teeth experience more success in eliminating harmful bacteria and food debris when cleaning their teeth. In addition, some patients experience improved bite function that could improve other disorders such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD).

Develop Meaningful Relationships

A person’s appearance naturally attracts one human to another. However, when you have a smile you’re not proud of, it can make meeting new people or communicating with others challenging or embarrassing. Fortunately, you can change your smile at our San Francisco dental office with a smile makeover. Not only will you experience a confidence boost, but the increase could help you look more attractive. Various studies prove that those with a healthy, attractive smile are more likely to receive a second date invitation.

Smile Makeover in Marin, Oakland, and San Francisco, California

You may not be happy with your smile whether you were born with it, had an accident, or didn’t properly care for it. However, hope abounds for new smile opportunities through cosmetic dentistry techniques. Our Bay Area cosmetic dentists at Glen Park Dental recommend scheduling a consultation and examination. We can discuss the procedures necessary for your smile makeover and answer any questions during your visit. Feel free to call our office at (415) 585-1500 or request a consultation online to get your new smile journey started today!