ControlledArch® Treatment System

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA

Are you looking for the latest innovation in orthodontics? Your San Francisco dentists at Glen Park Dental now offer the ControlledArch® Treatment System, which represents an exciting innovation in orthodontic science.

What is the ControlledArch® Treatment System?

ControlledArch® looks just like regular braces from the front, but it is what is behind the teeth that make this treatment unique and different. Treatment is based on an evaluation of the specific facial characteristics and anatomy of each patient. Treatment addresses any issues with the jaws or teeth spacing first, before beginning the realignment process. The goal of ControlledArch® is not only to achieve straight teeth, but also to help the jaws and face develop as intended by nature, despite environmental influences that may impact facial growth.

The components of ControlledArch® include large lingual arches, which expand the molars and work in combination with archwires to expand dental arches and create more space in the mouth for proper tongue positioning. While the arches are being widened, the top and bottom jaws are being moved forward. This jaw movement lessens your susceptibility to sleep apnea or TMJ disorder, while also encouraging the optimum oral resting posture: with lips together, teeth together, and the tongue resting gently against the roof of the mouth.

Is ControlledArch® right for me?

ControlledArch® can be used on patients of any age, and to resolve a wide variety of patient goals. Perhaps you desire to just have the appearance of straighter teeth. Maybe, you need extensive treatment to help you breathe, chew, swallow, and speak better. No matter what, ControlledArch® can achieve your goals.

In many cases, we prefer to use ControlledArch® as a follow-up to a course of treatment to the anterior growth guided appliance—or AGGA for short. Each AGGA is customized from dental impressions to ensure an effective fit for your unique teeth and mouth. The AGGA applies gentle pressure to guide the jaws forward, while also improving the appearance of facial features such as the cheekbones, eyes, nose, and jaw line. Much like ControlledArch®, AGGA can be used on patients of any age, as it stimulates the lifelong remodeling potential of the jaws and face.

Glen Park Dental offers two varieties of anterior growth guidance appliances: fixed, for adults and adolescents who have had all of their permanent teeth emerge; and removable, for children who have yet to have all their permanent teeth emerge—a state also referred to clinically as mixed dentition.

How does ControlledArch® differ from other methods of orthodontic treatment?

  • ControlledArch® works with nature—rather than against it—by providing guidance that helps to remind the body of the natural genetic intention of your facial development. During childhood and the transition to adulthood, environmental and behavioral factors can impede the natural, intended method of facial growth and development.
  • ControlledArch® is less invasivethan other, more traditional methods of orthodontic treatment. Sometimes, patients who receive braces or even clear plastic aligners such as Invisalign achieve their goal of straighter teeth but at the consequence of impacting facial development. Practitioners who use ControlledArch® seek to straighten teeth while also maintaining facial balance and proper growth.
  • ControlledArch® works fast.The founder of this Treatment System, Steve Galella, has called it “the most predictable and rapid form of orthodontic treatment.” Using braces or clear plastic aligners to straighten teeth usually takes longer, yet doesn’t achieve the same results. ControlledArch® has a significantly faster treatment time, while also being able to totally predict any tooth movement while orthodontic treatment is taking place. The needs of each patient vary, but on average, patients who use ControlledArch® wear their braces for at least 30 percent less time than patients who undergo traditional orthodontic treatment.

How much does ControlledArch® cost?

The price of ControlledArch®, or any other type of treatment at Glen Park Dental, is determined on a case-by-case basis. Before beginning work on any procedure at Glen Park Dental, a member of our staff will provide a full breakdown of the estimated cost, along with a list of accepted payment options.

ControlledArch® Orthodontics in San Francisco

Bay Area dentists at Glen Park Dental have completed the unique course of training, and are qualified to offer the ControlledArch®. Our dental staff also includes Dr. Ariana Ebrahimian, an expert in the disciplines of functional orthodontics, which uses orthodontic treatment in combination with oral appliance therapy to encourage harmony and optimum function throughout the orofacial system. To learn more about ControlledArch® or any of our other orthodontic treatment methods, schedule a consultation today by calling (415) 799-3900.

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