laser dentistry
How are Dental Lasers Used in Cosmetic Dentistry?

San Francisco and Marin CA Due to its adaptability and the decrease in usual adverse effects, laser dentistry is becoming more and more popular. Using lasers to conduct various dental care operations is changing for many dentists. While laser dentistry is still a relatively young field, its use increases as dentists gain expertise with the technology….

adult tongue tie
Why Tongue-Ties in Adulthood are a Big Deal

San Francisco and Marin CA Ankyloglossia, commonly known as a tongue tie or lip tie, is a condition that restricts the tongue or the oral facial musculature. As a result, breathing, eating, and speaking may be affected. If this condition goes unresolved, it may also result in several additional oral or overall issues as an…

laser dentistry in sf
5 Reasons to choose Laser Dentistry in San Francisco

San Francisco, Marin, and Oakland, CA For decades, physicians in the medical field have used lasers to perform surgical procedures. Offering ultimate precision and a faster healing time for patients, lasers provide unparalleled results compared to traditional surgical means. Lasers are becoming more popular than ever for use in the dental field. Glen Park Dental,…